5 Tips for Filing a Roofing Insurance Claim

The recent storms which broke many homes remind everybody about the importance of roof insurance. Though many people have their roof insured, the experts of Toronto roof repair thinks that they do not know how to file the claim for the insured money properly. According to them, most of this kind of insurance is covered under the home owner’s policies. However, the claim filing process is tedious and can be proved to be stressful for most people. Here are some tips following which you can file a roofing claim smoothly.

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Know the Policy

The first step of filling a successful claim is to know every nook and cranny of the policy. The experts of Toronto roof repair says that some of the policies do not cover roofs which are older than 10 years. Others might want you to file the claim soon after the damaging incident takes place. Thus, you should know the policy well, so that you do not get distressed after a bad weather event takes place.

Inspect the Damage

After the weather becomes somewhat tolerable, you should try to find out how much damage has the storm caused. You can see some of the damages from ground level, however, for others; you may have to climb a ladder. The experts of Toronto roof repair advise you to climb the ladder after the wind stops blowing. You can also take help of a qualified roofer to measure the damage.

Descriptions and Pictures

It is best to have a detailed description of the damage. To make an accurate description you may take photos of the damage or shoot a video of it. The experts of Toronto roof repair suggest documenting the situation of your roof even before the storm hits the region. You can compare the before and after picture to fathom the damages done by the storm. You must also give a minute description of the damage when sending mail to the insurance company. The more information you provide, the better the chances become to have the demurrage.

Toronto roof repair

Contact Insurance Company

Everybody knows that the storms can be really stressful for you. However, the experts advise you to call the insurance company as soon as possible. Your policy might have some time period within which you must file the claim to get the money. You should also remember that your neighbors will call the contractors to repair their roofs. You do not want to be the one who faces repair delays because you were slow to act. Keep your policy number in hand and keep your head cool. Talk to the insurance company and make the customer care personnel understand your plight. Try to answer all the questions that the insurance company asks. Share the report of a professional damage estimator, if you have any.

Pick a Knowledgeable Roofer

Whether the need for repairing is immediate or not, you need to call a roofer after the storm has passed. The experts of Toronto roof repair ask you not to trust the roofers who offer free estimation. Be careful before you sign anything to get estimation.

To fill the claim properly you just need to keep yourself calm and do all the steps one by one.