This site is best viewed with a modern

What browser should I use
This site is best viewed with a modern CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) compatible browser. The free Mozilla FireFox is our personal preference, however Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Safari will work equally well.

Older browsers such as Internet Explorer 5, Netscape 4 etc. are both poor choices for any Internet browsing, let alone with this site. For a better experience all arround, it is highly recommended that you consider upgrading.

This site makes very low demands upon your browser. At the time of this writing, there is one non-mandatory JavaScript (for photos), and the pages will work if JavaScript is disabled. All other dnamic processing is managed by the server, before content delivery.

Everything is too big or small!
This is a common problem which relates to the flexibility of how the internet and browsers work. While a more permanent fix for you requires modifying settings there is a quick-fix which helps when you move from one site to another. Depending upon the computer and browser you are using the technique will vary.

With Internet Explorer®, look under the “View” menu for “Text Zoom” and select a different percentage. Or you hold the control-key down and type a plus (+) or minus (-) key to zoom in or out respectively. On the Macintosh® the Command key performs the same task as the Control key under Windows®.

With recent versions of Mozilla, Netscape Navigator® or Opera, the process is similar to that described for Explorer®. For earlier versions, you will have to find the font settings within your browsers preferences or settings window. Larger font sizes, display larger on the screen. On the Macintosh, the DPI setting should be 72dpi as opposed to the 96dpi default for some cross-platform programs.

Zope Error?
No, this is not a typo (though it is likely caused by one). Zope is a tool used by the geeks that built this fine site. Unfortunately, what you are seeing is an error and the sooner we find out about it, the quicker it can be fixed. With good error reporting, problems are usually fixed very quickly.